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World of Warcraft helped shape the mold for current day theme park MMORPG, and every game after can only improve upon (at best) the original formula. Many will argue that World of Warcraft is still the best and most successful MMORPG on the market, however, there are a number of great games that have sprung up lately competing for this title. So we want to know if you think Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward can compete with the behemoth that is World of Warcraft





Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is often considered one of the most artistically beautiful and polished MMORPGs currently available. Instead of attempting to reinvent the MMO, like many recent games, it built on top of a solid base of what already worked. However, Final Fantasy XIV had a very rough start and had to be completely reworked into A Realm Reborn. Since then, the game has accumulated a major following and praise from many publications



In 2004, World of Warcraft changed the MMO genre. It wasn’t the first MMORPG, or the first theme park for that matter, but it was the first that caught mainstream attention. Its popularity brought players in droves and still manages to have the most player subscriptions to date. Support has been declining for World of Warcraft, however, and many believe that the glory days are gone

Voting will continue until February 2. You can vote every 8 hours and can even vote for a different game each time


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